8400 Corporate Dr.
Landover, MD

May 2005

J.R. Roofing and Siding

Project Type:
Retrofit – Occupied

Building Features:
BUR roofing system

Structural Attachment Considerations:
Through bolt fasteners for wrapping steel framing

Products Supplied, Installed and Tested:
SM-1-10-18 Roof anchors
SM-1-8-14 Roof anchors
SM-PLT-105-58 Bottom plates
SM-PLT-85-58 Bottom plates
SM-TRA Threaded rod assemblies
SM-HLL Horizontal cable system
SM-SJ-34 Aluminum insulated flashing with EPDM grommet

Horizontal cables for rope descent (see Horizontal Cable for Rope Descent System) were slung between two pairs of anchors, spaced at approximately 25 feet, to provide places to tie both a suspension rope and a fall arrest rope. The cables were in the suspended maintenance system design because structure sufficient to support the roof anchors was not available within this 25 foot space. The cables was permanently attached to anchors. Although a horizontal cable system is not the preferred method of providing anchorages, in some cases it is the only viable option. In most other areas anchors were wrapped around a steel beam, spaced at every 10 feet. In these areas a cable system was not required. Aluminum insulated flashings with EDPM grommet (see the blue grommet near anchor eye in photos above) were also supplied to facilitate waterproofing.

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