International Square Center

1825 Eye St
Washington, DC

January 2006

Prospect Waterproofing

Project Type:
Retrofit - Unoccupied

Building Features:
Inverted roofing system

Structural Attachment Considerations:
Through bolt fasteners for concrete

Products Supplied and Installed (all roof anchors were tested):
SM-1-8-10 Roof anchors
SM-1-10-18 Terminating roof anchor
SM-TRA Threaded rod assemblies
SM-PLT-3-58-P Back plates
SM-PLT-AG-68 Curb anchors
SM-TRA-ADH-7 Chemical anchor fasteners
SM-HLL-ANC -1-10 Intermediate pass-through anchors
SM-HLL Horizontal cable system

Design a code-compliant suspended maintenance system located anchors around the perimeter of the building. The penthouse was utilized where possible to minimize cost and obstructions in the walking area. Fall protection was required to access anchors that were closer than 6 feet to the edge of the building. In this area, Summit Anchor Co. designed and installed a horizontal fall restraint cable system (see Horizontal Fall Restraint Cable System) with an inline shock absorber, which reduces the load to the terminating anchors. This cable system was designed with pass-through intermediate anchors to allow up to two users to traverse the length of the cable span, each using a single lanyard. A single lanyard system is faster and easier to use than a double lanyard system.


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