(Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration)

1 Choke Cherry Rd.
Rockville, MD

November 2003

Glen Construction

Project Type:
New construction

Structural Attachment Considerations:
Welded for steel framing
Through bolted fasteners for wrapping steel framing
Cast in place for concrete

Products Supplied, Installed and Tested:
SM-4-4-13.5 Roof anchors
SM-4-4-16 Roof anchors
SM-4-4-18 Roof anchors
SM-85-4 Curb anchors
SM-1-10-13.5 Roof anchors
SM-1-10-16 Roof anchors
SM-TRA Threaded rod assemblies
SM-PLT-105-58 Bottom plates

Design and install a complete OSHA and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 compliant suspended maintenance system. Wrap around beam roof anchors were installed on top of concrete and wrapped around beams below. These anchors did not require any under-deck bracing. Cast in place wall anchors were economical and were installed where possible. In other areas where access to tie offs was required, weld to beam roof anchors were installed. Weld to beam roof anchors were installed where concrete did not exist and were either installed on beam intersections or the midpoint of a beam. Where anchors were installed on the midpoint of a beam, under-deck bracing was required.


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