Universal South

1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC


Cafritz Company

Project Type:
New construction

Building Features:
Special parapet conditions
Inverted roofing system
Recessed (below pavers)

Structural Attachment Considerations:
Chemical fasteners for concrete
Through bolt fasteners for concrete

Products Supplied, Installed and Tested:
DISCONTINUED Recessed balcony anchors (replaced with SM-1-8-6)
SM-TRA-ADH-7 Chemical anchor fasteners
SM-PLT-4-58-P Back plates
SM-TRA Threaded rod assemblies
SM-1-10-10 Roof anchors
SM-81-4-10 Roof anchors
SM-HLL Horizontal cable system

Design low-profile anchors and carefully install these anchors underneath a glass guardrail to avoid placing anchors in the terraced areas of the roof. Because the anchors are located so close to the parapet, they had to be installed in pairs to provide independent suspension and fall arrest anchors. An independent horizontal cable system was also required for fall arrest to access anchors close to the edge of the building (see Horizontal Fall Restraint Cable System). The entire suspended maintenance system is OSHA and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 code-compliant.


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