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Summit Anchor Co. offers design assistance to give you an idea of what may be required to accommodate your project's suspended maintenance needs.  We will review your project's needs, and based on our expert experience we will offer suggestions for the correct type of equipment needed and the general locations where these should be installed.  Please see our products pages for an overview of Summit Anchor Co. equipment and their applications.  Our design assistance is intended to provide a conceptual suspended maintenance system.  Upon the customer's review and approval, Summit Anchor Co. will proceed with a detailed suspended maintenance system layout.

When requesting free design assistance, please provide us with the following construction drawings:

  • building elevations
  • section drawings of penthouse walls, parapet walls, and roof levels
  • architectural and structural plans of any level where equipment is required
  • any other drawings that will be useful in understanding your project's needs

Be aware that the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard requires that “anchor design and layout shall be performed by a qualified person experienced in such design and in compliance with this standard.  Note: certain responsibilities in this section require the services of a registered professional engineer.” (Section 9.1.1)  If you are not qualified to design and layout a complete suspended maintenance system, Summit Anchor Co. will be happy to provide you with these services   (see P.E. Stamped Layout Drawings).




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