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Once the customer releases the products for fabrication, production will begin. Summit Anchor Co. will send the customer a release to fabricate form or fabrication drawing which the customer will review, signoff, and return.  This is done to eliminate any confusion regarding dimensions and quantities of equipment to be produced.

When ordering non-stock equipment, please allow three weeks for fabrication and delivery.  Summit Anchor Co. also stocks hundreds of stock anchors ready for shipment to job sites.  Contact Summit Anchor Co. to verify availability of stock anchors.

For customers who are responsible for their own suspended maintenance layout, Summit Anchor Co. can supply you with the products you need and cut sheets for each product.  In such cases, the architect, customer, and owner are responsible to verify that the location and use of the anchorages are in compliance with local and national codes, regulations, and safety standards.  The customer will also be  responsible to ensure that the structure to which and anchorages are mounted and any fastener products used to mount Summit Anchor Co.'s roof anchors  have been designed by a P.E. to support the required loads.




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