Scaffolding Applications

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Installation | Testing & Certfication

One of the most important aspects of providing a safe suspended maintenance system is the on-site installation of the supporting anchorages. Even the highest quality manufactured equipment does not provide a safe suspended maintenance system if not properly installed. Summit Anchor Co. is concerned not only with designing and fabricating safe equipment, but also providing expert installation on-site. Our site installation supervisors are well trained and have experience in suspended access equipment. We also employ AWS (American Welding Society) welders when on-site welding is required.

Quality Control
After installation by Summit Anchor Co. is complete, we test each product to confirm it will safely support the required load. A written test report, often accompanied by photographs, is provided to our customers (see Testing & Certification). In addition to guaranteeing the proper installation of anchorages, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the final product is neat and aesthetically pleasing. For example, we make every effort to install anchors in a straight line parallel to the building edge with anchor eyes facing the same direction.

Existing Buildings
When retrofitting an existing building, noise and disruptions need to be kept to a minimum. For this reason, we use low vibration, low noise drills ideal for use in occupied buildings. Installation work may also be scheduled during non-working hours.



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