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Shop Testing Summit Anchor Co. Products

Summit Anchor Co. systematically tests representative anchor models in our facilities to verify that our equipment complies with OSHA regulations and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standards load requirements. All equipment we manufacture is supported by a test report documentation of raw materials and the finished product, so you can be certain that the equipment will meet load requirements if installed correctly.

On-site Testing

When Summit Anchor Co. installs your equipment, you will also have the benefit of the initial certification letter by a P.E., certifying that the equipment meets all load requirements as installed. When you receive the close out documents, we will provide a proposal for budgeting the annual inspections required to keep your system code-compliant. We also test and evaluate suspended access equipment that may have been installed in the past by others. Upon completion of on-site compliance evaluation and testing, Summit Anchor Co. can provide you a condition report certified by a P.E. If Summit Anchor Co. supplies your equipment but does not install it, we may still be able to certify the equipment as installed, provided a strict documentation regimen (supplied by Summit Anchor Co.) is adhered to through the installation process.

On-site Review of Equipment

If it appears that your building’s roof does not have sufficient anchorages to meet safety standards, we can perform a review of your suspended maintenance equipment. Factors such as anchor spacing and independence of anchorages for fall arrest and fall protection are considered. Our rooftop review will be supported by a written report with recommendations for any modifications. Contact us for details.

Safety Standards

ANSI/IWCA I-14.1, 2001 Window Cleaning Safety Standard affirms the following:

“Building owners and window cleaning contractors shall not allow suspended work to be performed unless it has been determined that the building has provided, identified, and certified anchorages…” (Sec. 3.9 Anchorages)

“Anchorages shall be inspected annually by a qualified person. Anchorages shall be re-certified when re-roofing or renovating, or at periods not to exceed 10 years.” (Sec. 9.1.9 Anchorages and Fall Protection)

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