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Why FREE design can cost you?

Free design isn’t better design – especially when lives are on the line. Though fall protection and anchor companies offer “FREE design service,” design professionals may find that these free plans are operationally inefficient, fall short of OSHA and ANSI safety standards , and overlook latent risks to the users. Frequently these incomplete design plans lead to frustration for contractors during the construction phase of the project.

Design & Consultation

Summit Anchor Co. design consultants are qualified in suspended access and fall protection, taking adequate time to develop specific real-world design plans, thus reducing exposure to risk and, down the line, reducing contractor frustration and extra operational costs.

Instead of free design, seek smart design. Ask prospective suspended access and fall protection consultants the following:

  • Has the designer or anyone in the company been trained and certified by a fall protection competent person?
  • Will the fall protection consultant meet with the building project team, building suspended access providers, and other stakeholders to develop the complete and legitimate design plans?

Why choose Summit Anchor as a consultant for your next building project? Our consultants can answer those questions and guide architects and engineers with effective solutions. Summit Anchor has been a trustworthy leader in suspended access and fall protection services for over 20 years, consistently providing durable, high performance products used for suspended access and fall protection. Summit Anchor’s trademark eye, Drop Forged then Quenched and Tempered eye, outperforms other anchor eyes on the market.

Click here to view the Summit Eye Test.

Click here to download the Summit Anchor White Page on Eye Vs U-bar.

Our access equipment that can be used for rope descent systems (RDS), swing stage operations, and fall protection for window cleaners, exterior building maintenance workers, emergency personnel and other suspended heights contractors include:

  • Roof Rigged and Ground Davits systems
  • Monorails
  • Horizontal lifelines
  • Rigging Sleeves
  • Horizontal Lifeline
  • Intermittent Stabilization Anchors
  • Hatch guards
  • Fixed Ladders

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