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Roof Cars Systems

Roof cars are individually designed around unique building features to access the exterior (and, in some cases, the interior) of a building. Powered equipment should be the first consideration for use on new buildings over 300 feet in height. This is because rope descents systems are restricted by OSHA at heights greater than 300 feet above grade.

On some structures, use of a roof car system can reduce rigging time in the building maintenance cycle; therefore, building height is not the only factor to consider when choosing the best exterior facade maintenance system for a building. However, above 490 feet, a roof car is essentially required, as the hoist motors for the powered platform must be located on the roof, as shown in this photo.

1. Track-mounted carriage

2. Boom

3. Platform (Gondola)

What is required of the building owner after the installation is complete?

The owner is responsible for providing written assurance that the installation meets OSHA’s requirement. This includes testing, inspections, and maintenance of the installation and anchorages. See OSHA’s anchor loading requirements below:

“Building owners of all installations, new and existing, shall inform the employer in writing that the installation has been inspected, tested, and maintained in compliance with the requirements of paragraphs (g) and (h) of this section and that all anchorages meet the requirements of OSHA Personal fall protection systems 1910.140(c)(13).”

Safety from the top down.
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