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Summit Anchor owner Gus Strats on first anchor installation at The Washington Post

About Summit Anchor Company

From its small beginnings as a window cleaning company, Frederick, Maryland-based Summit Anchor Co. has had one major focus:  safety.  Summit Anchor strives to set the standard for safe working conditions for those in the suspended access and building maintenance industry through its anchorages and fall protection systems. Looking forward, the company wants to climb to new heights as a pacesetter in fall protection systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, the United States and the world – while never leaving behind its core value: respect for life.  

There are larger players in the fall protection services industry, but Summit Anchor – in business for over 20 years — aims to be a leader in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. The company provides a single source contact for design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and certification of suspended access and fall protection systems. 

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