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Single Point Work Platform

What is a Single Point Work Platform?

A single-point adjustable scaffold consists of a platform suspended by one wire rope from an overhead support and equipped with the means to permit the movement of the platform to desired work levels.

Is a Boatswain Chair a Single Point Work Platform?

A boatswain chair can be considered a single point work platform; however, a boatswain chair system is not the same as a rope descent system.

Single Point Suspended Work Platform – Ground Launched

1.   Summit Anchor Co. Monorail System with independent trolley for Suspension Cable (Blue)
2.   Lifeline (Red) attached to an independent Monorail Trolley of anchor
3.   Full body harness
4.   Single Point Suspended Work Platform

What are the fall protection requirements for single point platform?

A single point platform requires a separate fall protection system. The most common form of fall protection consists of an anchorage, a full body harness and lifeline. See Summit Anchor Co., Fall Protection Systems for more information. See OSHA’s requirement for independent anchorage required for fall protection when using a single point platform:

“Each single point suspended working platform shall be provided with….[information about horizontal line intentionally deleted for clarity] “…a direct connection anchorage shall be provided as part of a personal fall arrest system that meets the requirements of subpart I of this part for each employee on the platform.” (OSHA 1910.66(f)(5)(iii)(B))

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