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General Contractors

Who can contractors trust to deliver the right products at the right time?

General Contractors are under tremendous pressure to construct an owner’s vision on-time and within budget. At the same time general contractors may face stiff OSHA violations and fines for falls. In fact, OSHA’s number one most frequently cited standard violation for construction is falls.

While General Contractors are commissioned to construct buildings with window washing, suspended access and fall protection systems, those same systems, when properly designed, also can be used to protect construction workers from falls and provide suspended access during construction. One who recognizes that may save potentially thousands of dollars in temporary access equipment such as lifts, scaffolds, transportable counterweighted outriggers, temporary anchorage, and the like – if the system and equipment is designed and coordinated correctly before construction begins.

Summit Anchor Company has helped hundreds of building owners, architects, and general contractors with the following:

  • Design and Layout to Safety Codes and Standards
  • Manufacturing to Suit Project
  • Installation of Equipment On-Site
  • Testing and Certifying Equipment for Use

Our systems and equipment not only meet safety regulations, but are easy to use, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will be used. With Summit’s 24 years in the fall protection and suspended access business, G.C.s and owners can be confident they have chosen the best for their project.

Call Summit today to arrange for one of our designers to provide your project with a plan for a system that is safe to use, meets OSHA regulations, and is within your budget.

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