General Contractors

Who can contractors trust to deliver the right products at the right time?

Summit Anchor Co. understands that general contractors need to stay on schedule and on budget.

Summit Anchor is a complete design build solution. We help general contractors move projects forward, providing top to bottom fall protection and suspended access equipment and services, including:

  • Design and Layout
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Load Testing, Certification & Inspections

What suspended access equipment company is well-known for working well with general contractors?

With over 20 years in business, Summit Anchor has a good reputation for reliable and innovative products and knowledgeable staff. We’re a good fit for you: Our systems meet OSHA safety standards and building owner needs. Safety form the Top Down with Summit Anchor. 

Contact a Summit Anchor representative today regarding your fall protection needs.    


Summit Anchor in stock anchors and concrete embeds include:

  • Forged eye welded to ½” x 8 x 8 base plate, Summit Anchor Co. Model #: SM-1-8-0-12
  • Forged eye welded to 12” tube to ½” x 8 x 8 base plate, Summit Anchor Co. Model #: SM-1-8-12-12
  • Forged eye welded to 18-inch tube anchor to 5/8” x 10 x 10 base plate, Summit Anchor Co. Model #: SM-1-10-18-58
  • Forged eye welded to 18” tube, Summit Anchor Co. Model #: SM-4-0-18
  • Embed, 2 bolt “cage” concrete for bolt on of roof anchor after the concrete cures
  • Embed, 4 bolt “cage” for bolt on davit base application after the concrete cures

Safety from the top down.
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