Why Specify Summit Anchor Co.

Summit’s trademark roof anchors are the #1 selling product for our company!! Here’s why:

  • Our anchors have been engineered and tested to comply with current OSHA regulations
  • Anchor manufactured in the U.S.A.*
  • Corrosion resistance Our anchors are completely hot-dipped galvanized with stainless bolts.
  • Standard design, Summit’s anchors are designed for a variety of permanent applications to reinforced concrete or structural steel. Summit standard design anchors for a variety of concrete strengths and thicknesses that can be installed onto any adequate structure.
  • Consultations for architects and engineers throughout the complete design cycle on anchor layout and compliance issues.

A trademark eye is drop forged then quenched and tempered. The tremendous compressive forces involved in drop forging along with the careful heat-treating and cooling process result in an anchor that is stronger than a non-forged anchor**.

The additional quench-and-tempering process of Summit’s anchor eyes ensures consistent performance of all of our anchors. The heat treatment and cooling process capitalizes on the properties of the steel to create anchor eyes with reduced risk of catastrophic failure due to brittleness and with the toughness to withstand critical suspended access application, literally when a worker’s life is on the line.

* Refers to final assembly of parts, including welding and hot-dipped galvanizing, but may not apply to individual assembly parts some of which may not be domestic.
**According to the Forging Industry Association: “Forgings have grain oriented to shape for greater strength. Machined bar and plate may be susceptible to fatigue and stress corrosion because machining cuts material grain pattern. In most cases, forging yields a grain structure oriented to the part, resulting in optimum strength, ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue.”